26 October

Day 1 of the CLIENT II Conference

A limited number of participants can join the launch event on-site at Umweltforum Berlin. However, all sessions from that day can also be joined online.

Preliminary Agenda


Registration & reception at conference venue


Opening Session (live video streaming)

  • Opening: Client2Works
  • Welcome: MinDirig. F. A. Maennel - BMBF
  • Keynote 1: Prof. Xiaomeng Shen - Director UNU-EHS
  • Keynote 2: Prof. Dr. mult. K.-U. Rudolph - IEEM


Coffee Break


Parallel programme:

  • Working session 1a: Science-Practice Interface: Taking project innovations to the market - Supporting implementation through effective cooperation between actors from science and business
    • Description: How can the implementation of innovative solutions and transfer to practice/business be facilitated? In this session, we will share our experiences and collect best practices on how to design effective cooperation between actors from business and science and improve implementation in the target regions.


  • Working session 1b: Science-Practice Interface: Easy tools for developing business models & strategies - Supporting cross-sectoral collaboration and joint business model design
    • Description: Would you like to learn how to analyse growth options and expansion strategies of your own company or project using simple processes and tools? The Growth Strategy tool can be used to map and evaluate different options for expansion on different dimensions and to identify their implications for the organisational structure. In this session you will learn how to conduct a Growth Strategy analysis and how it can support you in achieving your business goals. ​​​​​​


  • Project presentation session 1: Resource efficiency and circular economy
    • ​​​​BestBioPLA
    • ReAK
    • SmartH2OEnergy


Coffee Break


Get together (virtual & on site)