28 October

Day 3 of the CLIENT II Conference

All sessions take solely place online.

Preliminary agenda


Parallel Programme:

  • Working session 4a: Mastering the crisis - Experience exchange on risk management and resilience during the pandemic
    • Description: It is more difficult than ever to keep project activities running smoothly during the pandemic. What are innovative ways to minimise delays in projects? This session will discuss challenges and proven strategies that CLIENT II projects and partners have experienced and tested.


  • Working session 4b: Opportunities in the virtual space - Professionalising online and hybrid communication, collaboration and events
    • Description: Virtual work experienced a massive boost due to the impacts of the pandemic. What opportunities does the virtual space hold that can increase project success? In this session, we present tried-and-tested tips and tricks for increasing participant interaction and introduce a range of tools for professionalising virtual events and collaboration.


  • Project presentation session 4: Land management & Natural hazards
    • Mercury-AMF
    • DAMAST
    • RIESGOS 2.0


Coffee Break


Closing Session